How To Apply


  • Step 1 : Choose the course you wish to undertake and the education provider
  • Step 2 : Apply to the Education Provider for admission (Note: Some Education Providers charge application fee and conduct interviews.)
  • Step 3 : If successful, the Education Provider may give you either a Conditional Offer OR a Full Offer. A Conditional Offer is subject to meeting certain conditions (e.g. English) while a Full Offer contains information on how to accept the offer, course details, fee etc.
  • Step 4 : Education Provider issues an Acceptance of Offer on full payment of deposit.
  • Step 5 : Apply for and obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Step 6 : Receive a letter confirming enrolment called Conformation of Enrollment (CoE)
  • Step 7 : Apply for Student visa.

Applying for a Student Visa

  • It may not be easy to apply for and obtain an Australian student visa.
  • Applicants need to satisfy a number of requirements. These include:
    • Confirmation of Enrollment
    • Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement
    • English Language Requirement
    • Financial Capacity Requirement
    • Health Insurance
    • Character Requirements
    • Health Requirements
  • Every year thousands of students have their student visa applications refused.
  • Two of the most common grounds of refusal are:
    • Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement
    • Public Interest Criterion 4020

Documents needed while applying for a course

  • Statement of Purpose Resume
  • All education certificates
  • English language Test Score
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Identification Documents: Passport and Birth Certificate
  • Evidence of Financial capacity